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Information For Patients Posted on 29 Mar 2021

Your doctor will always try and find the best way of making you better. You will not always be given medicine, as there are other ways to treat you. Please do not expect a prescription on every visit. Your doctor can treat minor injuries and provide minor surgery. If you need specialist advice or treatment you may be referred to the hospital or otherwise engaged, normally a locum vocational trained GP is in attendance for surgery and emergencies.

Patients aged 16-75 who have not seen a doctor within the last three years are entitled to a full medical check up. Patients aged over 75 are also entitled to a yearly check up. The patient’s legal representative and all staff employed by Birkby Health Centre have a right to access to your medical record only if necessary.

Any information you require from your medical records, to which you have a legal right will be provided in a helpful and appropriate manner. In certain circumstances information may be withheld from patients seeking access under the Data Protection Act. This would normally be when a doctor judges that such information might be harmful to the patient, or where it concerns a third party.

Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!
Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!